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Join more players globally with quick, compliant authentication that weeds out fraud. A streamlined identity verification process can enhance the user onboarding experience, allowing new players to create accounts swiftly and securely. This can aid gaming companies in attracting more players while also ensuring compliance with applicable regulations in KYC Australia.

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Players from all over the world, who have been verified, are brought on board. Improve the user experience to attract and retain more players.

Keep up a high passing percentage and revenue flow. Perform verification at the correct moment in the user journey to ensure validity.

Uphold regulatory compliance and prevent fraudulent behavior. Establish a positive image with regulatory bodies, partners, and clients.

Gamers' Guide to Safe and Secure Online Gaming

Identity verification plays a vital role in the gaming industry, as legal requirements mandate the verification of customers' ages in their absence. To ensure the prevention of identity theft and underage individuals accessing age-restricted video games, gaming companies must incorporate comprehensive identity verification solutions into their existing systems. These solutions are designed to detect various types of fraud, such as identity, device, location, and activity-based fraud, thereby mitigating risks and preventing fraudulent activities.

Various methods can be employed to verify identities in different scenarios within the gaming industry. These include:
  • Onboarding new clients: When bringing a new client onboard, it is essential to implement identity verification processes to validate their identity and age. This helps in ensuring that only eligible individuals gain access to age-restricted gaming content.
  • Processing credit card payments: In the context of handling credit card payments, it is crucial to employ identity verification measures to authenticate the identity of the cardholder. This helps in minimizing fraudulent transactions and protecting both the gaming company and the customers from potential risks.
  • Accessing content with age restrictions: For accessing content with age restrictions, robust identity verification methods are necessary to verify the user's age and prevent underage individuals from accessing inappropriate gaming content. These measures are in place to comply with legal requirements and safeguard the well-being of young players.
KYC Solutions for Online Gaming
Player Onboarding That Is Quick
Player Onboarding That Is Quick
Abiding by the Law
Abiding by the Law
Cost-Effective ROI
Cost-Effective ROI

Mitigate compliance and fraud issues

Safeguard your organization's reputation and financial well-being by proactively thwarting fraudulent activities. KYC Australia's verification procedures are designed to ensure utmost security, effectively mitigating all forms of fraud. Moreover, our processes align with your regulatory requirements and provide a seamless user experience, making it hassle-free for individuals to navigate through the verification steps.

Faster user onboarding process

KYC Australia offers cutting-edge identity verification technologies that can expedite the customer onboarding procedure, leading to a more seamless registration experience for users and a reduction in the number of abandoned accounts.